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A Guide to Charity Event Behavior February 27, 2010

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I can’t believe I actually have to write this.  After attending a local charity event tonight, I was once again shocked by the behavior of those in attendance.  This was not the first time this has occurred and it’s just so sad.  Listed below are several good ideas for just general polite behavior when you are invited out, but especially applicable to charity events.

1. Relax. It’s for charity.  You should go into the event with the idea that not everything is going to be perfect. Local charity events are usually put on by parents and generous citizens, not professional event planners.  Things sometimes do not go as planned.  Just relax, enjoy the time with friends and family, and remember you are there to support a good cause.

2.  Be courteous.  Again, these are volunteers running these events.  They are not paid to be there, but are there because the believe in the cause they are supporting.  Please remember this the next time you are complaining about the theme, the decorations, or the pace of the event.

3.  Limit your alcohol intake.  This falls into the same line of thought of #2.  If you become loud, belligerent, and just plain nasty to be around when you’ve had too much to drink, maybe you shouldn’t drink.  Others around you would appreciate it. 

4. Have fun!  These events are put on not only to raise money, but to have fun.  These are not meant to be cut throat competitions.  If you don’t win, who cares! Stop complaining about how hard the trivia questions are, or how you think the other table cheated. 

To all of you who volunteer your time to put on events to raise money for your communities, THANK YOU!  Without your generous donations of time and talent, our communities would be so very lost. You are so under appreciated and cannot be thanked enough for all that you do.


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