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I am Blessed February 23, 2011

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This winter has been one of the worst for our area for snow and ice. In addition to several snow storms and really cold temps, we had a sleet storm that coated everything in an inch of sleet, making our yard look like a giant snow cone. While it’s pretty to look at, it’s impossible to drive on. I am blessed to be able to work for a company that understands personal safety is more important than my presence in the office. I am blessed by the technology and freedom to be able to work from home whenever needed. If I didn’t have this option, we would have to move into the city, or I would have to find a job closer to our home here south of town. While not impossible, it would not be my ideal solution. I am blessed to have a manager that trusts me to get my work done from home without constant supervision. I am blessed with employees I can trust to do their jobs without me being there to ensure work is getting done. Even though there are days I don’t always like my job, it’s days like today that I know that I am blessed to work for Monsanto.


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